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The gutters surrounding your roof face the harsh weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wear and tear is a common and reoccurring maintenance issue that homeowners must consider on an annual basis, and sometimes more.

When the professionals at 5 Star Gutter Cleaners LLC come to your house, they will thoroughly inspect every inch of gutter space to find the smallest damage for your review. Our professional experts will then give you detailed descriptions of our plans to fix the problems and keep it from happening again. Some common problems needing gutter repair include:

Downspout Repair: Sometimes downspouts must be put in very unusual places around your home. This results in them commonly getting crushed or rusted out. Our team will repair these problems and look for better locations to ensure it does not happen again.

Re-Pitch Repair: All gutter systems descend at a very subtle angle, which lets rainwater flow out of the gutter to the downspout at a controlled rate. If there is a problem with the pitch, the water could build up and drain over the gutter, or even worse, drain to an area where it's not supposed to go and cause property damage. 5 Star Gutter Cleaners LLC will review your gutter system to ensure that your gutter’s “pitch” is correct.

Seam Repair: In a gutter, there are seams on each end of the gutter, and also on every downspout and gutter corner. Strong seams are important because they prevent leaks from occurring. The team at 5 Star Gutter Cleaners LLC will check every seam in your gutter system and will replace any that are worn out.

Gutter repair is just as important as gutter cleaning. The weather in the Atlanta, GA, area can be bad at times, and it is important to ensure that your gutters are working properly. We are ready to take your calls and are standing by to discuss your gutter repair needs!

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